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These metal discs come from a variety of cultures with the two most prominent versions coming from Turkey and China. The most prominent manufacturers are Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste and Wuhan, but several other companies are making quality instruments for both concert situations as well as for drum set players.

Gongs/Tam Tam

August 19, 2019 11:34 AM
Plate-like instruments with a stroke boss (in gongs) creating definite pitch, or no stroke boss (in tam tams) creating indefinite pitch. Read more here.

Hand Cymbals/Piatti

August 19, 2019 11:39 AM
A set of two orchestral cymbals ranging from 14 to 22 inches in diameter. Read more here.

Suspended Cymbals

August 19, 2019 11:53 AM
A single cymbal mounted on a stand and played with sticks or mallets. Read more here.